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Pasadena Bad Weather Shelter


The Pasadena Bad Weather Shelter is a Friends In Deed program that provides shelter for homeless individuals and families during the winter season. For the 2013-14 season the shelter will be weather activated (40 degrees or below or 40% chance of rain) from the day after Thanksgiving until the 15th of March. The Bad Weather Shelter is located in the gymnasium of the Pasadena Covenant Church, 539 N. Lake, next to the Fire Station, and near the Gold line. This year we will not be able to accommodate families.


Homelessness in Pasadena


The 2013 Pasadena Homeless Count recorded that there were 772 homeless individuals on a given night in Pasadena.


During the 2012-13 season, the Bad Weather Shelter housed 904 unduplicated individuals, including 127 children over the course of 74 days, and provided 11395 shelter nights (one person per bed per night=a shelter night.)


To learn more about the 2013 Pasadena Homeless Count and the 2013 Homeless Survey, visit the Pasadena Housing and Homeless Network website at


How the Shelter Operates


The Bad Weather Shelter is located in the Pasadena Covenant Church Gymnasium at 539 N. Lake Avenue, Pasadena. The Bad Weather Shelter is a high tolerance shelter. At 8 PM individual guests are admitted, registered, and fed. Guests leave the shelter by 7AM each morning. There is no discrimination due to race, sexual orientation, gender, ancestry, national origin, legal status, or disabilities. To find out if the shelter is open during the active bad weather season, call the Hotline,1-888-915-8111. For all other questions, call 626-797-2402.




The shelter is staffed by professionals who are experienced with the homeless, mentally ill and drug addicted populations. Several work as professionals at Union Station, Lake Avenue Foundation and Passageways. A nurse from Passageways/Pacific Clinics provides flu shots, health evaluations and palliative care. Special programs include Twelve Step Programs, Foot Washing and periodic entertainment by the volunteer groups.


Volunteering for the Bad Weather Shelter


For your group to volunteer to help with the Bad Weather Shelter, please email during October or November.

During the BWS season, contact Kari Herwig, Operations Director, at for any questions your group may have.

We request that volunteer groups be comprised of NO MORE THAN 15 PEOPLE. Too many volunteers causes interference with the functioning of the shelter.

Volunteers are asked NOT TO BRING DONATED ITEMS to the shelter other than the food for the night.




$30,000 of funding for the Pasadena Bad Weather Shelter comes from the office of County Supervisor Antonovich. $18,000 comes from an Emergency Shelter Grant. Other funds are raised through the Friends of the Bad Weather Shelter and individual and congregational donations.

Twenty-two volunteer groups from congregations and other agencies provide healthy, hot meals for our clients each night. We average 100 clients a night, and at times serve up to 150 clients.












































































































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Friends of the Bad Weather Shelter


Because of the economic downturn, the City of Pasadena is not able to contribute its usual share of $60,000 to run the Bad Weather Shelter starting in November, 2012.  In order to cover this gap, the City and Friends In Deed together are requesting that the business community rise up and lend their support. One hundred pledges of $600 per business per year will supplement the $50,000 provided by Friends In Deed through its own fundraising efforts.


For information on becoming a Friend of the Bad Weather Shelter, visit the Friends of the Bad Weather Shelter page.



History of the Bad Weather Shelter

The Bad Weather Shelter first opened in 1986 in response to the emergency needs of homeless persons in Pasadena. These were individuals who for a variety of reasons lacked adequate refuge during the cold and wet winter months. The shelter was located at the Salvation Army gymnasium until 1989 and then moved to its present location in the gymnasium of the Pasadena Covenant Church.

The first director of the shelter was
Dr. Joe Colletti whose vision, care and energy made the shelter possible. In 1989 the shelter became an official program of the Ecumenical Council of the Pasadena Area Congregations (ECPAC), now Friends In Deed.


Advisory Board


Wayne Walker
Pasadena Covenant Church

Ron Grassmann
New Hope Christian Fellowship

Leo Hurtado
Lake Avenue Foundation

Ann Lansing

City of Pasadena Housing Department

Woody Hain

Board Member

Jim Tyberg
Pasadena Covenant Church


Victor Cass
Pasadena Police Department


Chris Espe and Vincent Mejia


Pat O’Reilly

Executive Director, Friends In Deed